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At Green Taxi Cab services, comfort and style meet environmental responsibility.  Need a lift to the Phoenix airport?  A ride home from the Scottsdale bars?  We’ll take you where you need to go when you need to go there…anywhere around the greater Phoenix Arizona area. Green Taxi Cab is your clean and friendly taxi service in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Because our Toyota Prius taxi cabs are less costly to operate than the industry standard, we offer a better value for customers and drivers alike.  We have some of the cheapest rates in the Phoenix area, and we do it all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Green Taxi Cab Referral Service: Protecting more than your pocketbook.

Our Cars
Recognizing our responsibility to protect a fragile environment, Green Taxi Cab uses only low emission, new model Toyota Prius taxi cabs. The hip, stylish and comfortable vehicles reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing safety or comfort. In terms of headroom, legroom and safety, our Prius vehicles are nearly identical to the industry standard Ford Crown Victoria. 

Our Company
Built from the ground up as an environmentally and socially responsible taxi company, Green Taxi Cab referral services is an Arizona first and a national pioneer. Through our network of environmentally conscious partners we are pleased to offer carbon-neutral transportation and exceptional customer service.

Our Mission
Green Taxi Cab referral services is dedicated to providing high-quality transportation in a socially and fiscally responsible manner. The mission embodies three fundamental principles:

Acknowledging the consequences of global warming and humanity's responsibility to protect a fragile ecosystem, the company commits to leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint as modern technology allows. By avoiding Phoenix rental cars, customers use transportation only when they need it.

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Committed to the livelihood of the people we work with, Green Taxi Cab operates a sustainable business committed to strategic growth, which ensures a rewarding working environment for employees and a return on shareholders' investments.

The most efficient vehicle technology available allows the company to provide a pleasant, reliable, and cost-effective transportation experience for customers. Green Taxi Cab drivers earn higher profits resulting from lower operating costs, access to marketing partners, and preferential selection by environmentally conscious customers