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Phoenix Rental Cars

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has some of the highest taxes on rental cars in the country. Here’s exactly what they are and a real life example:

Taxes come in two flavors – cost per day (“fee’s”) and % of the rental price (percentage).

Percentage Taxes:
Arizona State Surcharge 5.0%
Maricopa County Surcharge 3.25% / $2.50 minimum per day
Sales Tax 15.3%
Concession Recovery 11.11% (You pay for the rental car center that you are bused to. Cool huh?)
Total Percentage Taxes: 34.7%

Customer Facility (ie the awesome rental car center you’ll be bused to at Phoenix Sky Harbor – pay more) $6 per day
You thought that bus ride was free? Ha-ha-ha.
Energy Recovery $0.47 per day
Maintenance for the beautiful rental car facility – $0.77 / day
Total per day fee’s: $7.24

In a typical example – a $460 base cost / 8 day rental added total taxes of ~$191 or 42%. Talk about some taxation? Welcome to Phoenix. We’ll talk more in a later article about how to avoid the rental car taxes by combining great off-airport locations with private sedan shuttles. Avoid the rental car bus in Phoenix.

Phoenix Airport Rental Car Bus

Visitor Experiences at Phoenix Sky-Harbor Airport:

We had a pretty positive experience renting a car at Phoenix Sky-Harbor airport this week. The shuttle is now picking up on the airport side of the street, so you don’t have to cross over the busy airport road with you luggage. A bus was waiting with a helpful driver and was only around one-third full. Seems like the travel downturn is helping cut the crowds and improve the service for Phoenix rental cars.

Once on the bus, it was exactly a 15 minute ride with about a 5 minute wait for the bus to push off. The driver gave some good help unloading bags.

For a Hertz compact (booked on Priceline at $19 per day) – Hertz gave us a grey-green Chevy Cobalt four door. It’s a basic car, and matches what they would show for a compact. No upgrades were offered, but they did try to push the insurance scare tactics a bit. The car got great mileage – around 25 mpg, and fit luggage easily. Condition in side the car was average – a few stains needed cleaning. All in all – a great deal for $19 on a good car to get around. Not the most stylish thing however…